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  • cotw will serve all of its guests for the evening at the same time (within reason) - the arrival time for each night will always be between 7.00-7.30pm, so you can enjoy a drink in the grand lobby first before sitting down for dinner at 8pm
  • you don’t need to pay a deposit, however each evening our supper club will only accommodate 20 people and, as such a small operation, we cannot stress enough how important each and every guest is to us - as we don’t ask for a deposit, we cannot redeem anything from a ‘no-show’, but repeated occurrences such as this are likely to result in us shutting up shop and denying london our wares - just to make sure, cotw will contact everyone by phone at least 24 hours prior to the reservation for confirmation
  • cotw is created by foodies, for foodies - our menu changes every week and will always be posted on our website and social media as early as possible so you know what will be on offer - where we can, we will always do our best to accommodate any food-related requests - but put simply, we will cater for allergies where necessary, but not dislikes
  • our menu is 35.00 per person for all of the food for the evening - drinks can be ordered as you wish and, to give you an idea, wine by the glass starts at under 5.00
  • cotw will calculate a 10 percent service charge for your bill - this is of course discretionary, but hopefully you’ll see how far we go to make sure you enjoy every part of your experience and feel it’s worth that little bit extra
  • cotw is a cash-only supper club - in this respect, just think of us like any other food vendor, street stall or pop-up - we appreciate that perhaps this may not be everyone’s preferred method of payment but there is a cash point directly outside hornsey town hall so you don’t need to worry about getting monies together in advance or walk a mile to withdraw it
  • the only real limitation to booking a table with us is that our maximum reservation is for 6 people and there will only be one of these available per evening - all other reservations can be taken for between 1-4 guests
  • we don’t believe in turning tables - when you come for dinner as our guest, you are able to enjoy the full evening with no time constraints until we close at 11pm.